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Mateusz A Żurek &
Jahmarley Grant

Yaad is a concept created by Polish-Jamaican chef duo: Mateusz A Żurek and Jahmarley Grant. For the last five years we’ve been working together, exploring and showcasing our cuisines through several projects and venues. 


Since 2021 we’ve run a Lisbon underground fine-dining restaurant BYWA Tasting room, currently closed. In the meantime we’ve brought to life a new, casual restaurant which we’ve been crafting for a while…

A comfortable and relaxed place to gather with loved ones to enjoy great food without complications. A garden restaurant with Polish-Jamaican comfort foods served with honest wines. Our philosophy is about being genuine.

Why Polish-Jamaican?
That’s who we are, what we were taught at home, and what we want to share with our Guests. We invite you to experience our cultures through our food. The concept is based on pride in our cuisines though almost unknown in Portugal, they are famous worldwide.


Our team is a collection of DYNAMIC individuals contributing their experiences and passions to bring Yaad to life. 

We call it a «garden restaurant», grill-focused corner where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. In our garden you will find many plants and a cute reflection pool, where you can cool your feet with a glass of low intervention wine or a Negroni.

music plays an important part of building the right ambience. At Yaad our playlist is curated to uniquely represent our mix of backgrounds and influences. 

In our opinion the process of building a restaurant concept needs to be tailored to the particular location. When we found the place it was obvious that this concept was going to be focused on the beautiful garden.

«Yaad» is a Jamaican word, which refers to the Garden, but in a wider sense it means «Home», a familiar place you desire to return to again and again.

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